Escape to the Coast// San Diego

One of the best things ever is living near California, and being able to make a quick drive directly to the coast….and eat tacos. Wait, what? 😉
While, I did eat all the tacos I could find I was definitely more interested in laying on the beach like a sloth while the kids run circles around me. And THAT is exactly what I did. 

Sometimes all you need is a 24 hour get away to make everything make sense again. While also capturing some adorable shots of the fam.

All of our photos were from Oceanside. While I love a sunny beach day. I was not at all bothered by how overcast it was the first hour we were there. I love the “ocean air” aesthetic! Not to mention coming from 150 degree-sunny Phoenix, I can appreciate some good cloud coverage.

The kids were obsessed with the ocean. They also had zero sand etiquette lol. Like, I have no idea how sand ended up on the innards of their ears, mouths, etc. We will definitely have to make this trip again soon. If not only to teach the kiddos how one is supposed to play in the sand! Ha!

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