Alexus & Julius Wedding | Barrington’s White House

You guys, this wedding! There are so many good feelings I had witnessing these two share such a perfect day. I generally try my hardest to not cry at weddings, and usually fail haha! Alexus & Julius’s wedding was no exception. These two share a bond that one can see a mile away, and it made for some absolutely magical photos.

It rained, and rained and rained some more! All of course during our post ceremony photos haha! But no amount of rain could keep us down. We got creative, and made the most out of our time finding spots to hide from it.

This day even included a private first dance ❤️❤️❤️

Sometimes, wedding day schedules get the best of us, and situations beyond our control happen. It’s in those moments where we can get creative, and that is where our private first dance came from. Talk about emotional, well I was emotional haha. I quickly found Etta James, “At Last” on my phone, because a dance in silence is not acceptable! The moment their dance ended, I couldn’t help but think, this was a moment from their day that they would remember forever.

Hashtag FEELS! 😭

Blog posts are always difficult for me, because I want to over share like crazy. This one is falling right in line with that! Alexus and Julius, I had so much fun, and left your day feeling so happy for you. I hope you enjoy this preview!


Venue: Barrington’s White House

Cake: Sweet C’s Bakery

Makeup: Makeup by Jerlicia

Hair: Carolyn Brown


  1. Auntie Star* says:

    Elegant and Beautiful every step of the way.

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