The Farm at Agritopia | Engagement Session

Welcome to fall in Arizona! From all the glowing trees, to how awesome Francesca and Joey are, this album is so perfect! Never mind that it was 96 degrees out while these pictures were being taken 😂
The Farm at Agritopia is seriously one of my favorite places to shoot at for this very reason – obviously I’m referring to the trees!

When I first met with Francesca and Joey, they expressed to me how uncomfortable they were with the idea of being in front of the camera. I’m not going to lie, I love it when people tell me that. Mostly because, I can relate! I say this a lot, but it’s because it is true – I am painfully awkward in front of the camera. I had someone once say to me, “for a pretty girl you take unattractive photos.” 😂😂 People are fun sometimes aren’t they?!

Anyway, this is why I love doing engagement sessions! It’s a chance to work out all the kinks, so to speak. Not to just get the awkwardness out, but embrace it a little too. Francesca and Joey were so giggly, and happy throughout the entire session and… IT WAS AWESOME! There is nothing more beautiful then photos of two people that love each other having a blast with one another. Seriously! I love watching couples interact while they bond over the awkward poses I put them in haha!

Francesca and Joey! I hope you love these photos for all the same reasons I do. I can’t wait for your wedding next year ❤️ We are going to have a blast, maybe listen to some Iron & Wine too 😉

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