Erin + Drew | Agritopia Farm Engagement

Erin and Drew’s engagement session is the perfect example of always needing to have a backup plan! Last Sunday, I drove to their house so that we could car pool up to Mogollon Rim. It was seemingly no different than any other day. I hopped in their car, and we got about 45 minutes into our drive before being diverted off the highway.


Everyone was pretty calm about the whole thing. Especially Erin and Drew! Turns out the Rim was on fire. At this point we were headed east, and needed to quickly figure out where we were going to end up. Talk about needing to chase the light!

Once we figured out that we were going to stay somewhat local – time was again on our side. We ended up at Agritopia Farms, had lunch, doddled around until the sun was a little less harsh, then got yelled at for trying to enter a part of a farm that we apparently were not supposed to enter 😂

And I mean, full on scolded! So, all in all it was the perfect day!

Jokes aside, it really was! I love these pictures + I love the story behind them EVEN MORE! Erin + Drew, I can not wait until your wedding!! I hope you enjoy your album (PS check your email!)

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