Maile + Nathan | Salt River Engagement

This was how I spent one of my days on Memorial Day Weekend, and I’m not even a little mad about it! Maile + Nathan’s salt River Engagement Session is beyond stunning!

These two are so awesome! Maile is quite honestly the sweetest, most considerate and kind hearted human I’ve ever met.

From our first meeting, where we both had opposite dates down for their wedding date. Oof! Like, we had an almost 2 hour client meeting only to wrap up at the end and find out we were talking about completely different wedding dates! 😅🤦🏻‍♀️ Whoops! BUT Maile and Nathan worked tirelessly to coordinate a date that worked for both of us for THEIR wedding.

I’ve honestly never been so honored to photograph a wedding!! ❤❤❤

But this is supposed to be about their engagement session!

So, I got pulled over on the way to it … 🤣🤣
Lessons to be learned: Driving around near Salt River on a holiday weekend will mean there are a lot of cops out. I was only speeding, going down a hill, lost and on my phone. HAHAHA no big deal! I guess I was a worthy target for the moment. Turns out they were way more concerned about Salt River party go-ers, which I was not. The cop and I quickly bonded about working on a holiday weekend, and then he let me on my way. Thank you random officer!!

By the time I got to Maile and Nathan, they were a welcomed breath of fresh air! Then they rocked the crap out of their engagement session – which included climbing on trees! Yasss!!

Thank you both for taking time out of your holiday weekend to get in front of my camera and be fierce!

You two are the best! ❤❤❤


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