Haley + Mike | Saguaro Lake Engagement

http://theesteemlife.com/?author=21 Haley, and Mike’s sunrise engagement session at Saguaro Lake was SERIOUSLY STUNNING! I mean really, there is no other way to put it.

go Not only was this our THIRD attempt at their engagement session, (thanks monsoon season) but these two braved the intense heat, and worked every ounce of their fierceness while doing it. Not to give TMI, but we were sweating our behinds off! There is no real way to describe the summers in Arizona, but the goal of a sunrise session is to avoid the insane heat. This is the first time that I can remember when that didn’t really work out. However, you really wouldn’t know!

Oh! Also, wild horses. WILD HORSES!! Wild horses, guys…. That was all I had to say about that.

Few things melt my heart the way a beautiful couple, in love and in a gorgeous location can!
Haley + Mike, I can not wait to party down with you for your big day at The Paseo!!

Stay perfect!

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