Jess + Mike | Prescott Engagement Jess + Mike’s Prescott engagement session might be one of my favorites of all time!

see url Trust me, that is not an easy thing for me to say either. I more-or-less fan girl over every one of my sessions! However, every now and then there is a little special sauce added in to make it literally sparkle.

Hopefully that makes sense to more than just me! 😂

Jess + Mike, are clearly a happy and carefree couple. It truly showed in every single photo from this day too! Their beautiful daughter, Jordan may have stolen the show. But the entire family dynamic made my heart seriously melt.

Some of my favorite parts of this day, are all of the candid heart-felt moments that I was able to capture. Also, the fact that when Mike proposed to Jess, he also gave Jordan a ring! 😭😭  <- Happy tears!

This family has inspired me to rent a cabin, walk around barefoot and take family photos!! So if you see THOSE photos in the near future, you’ll know why!

Please enjoy the actual overload of photos!! Jess, Mike + Jordan, I can NOT wait for your big day!!!


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