Brionna + John | Mogollon Rim Engagement Session Brionna and John’s Mogollon Rim Engagement session might be THE MOST adventure I’ve experienced in one session!

We started the day, fully knowing that we were in for some rain. As with most rain predictions in Arizona, it’s kind of difficult to determine if it’s going to actually be an issue or not. So, we decided to continue with the day. We 100% encountered rain the moment we neared the Rim. After a couple of stops, we decided to keep heading to the top. To our surprise, as we parked the car the sun had made an appearance. We quickly got out, and started taking photos. Two minutes (at most) later, it started to snow/hail/rain!

We lasted, maybe another 30 seconds before darting back to the car!

At that point we decided to head back into town, and see if we could find an area that wasn’t raining or at least not as much. Thankfully on the way into the town there are a ton of gorgeous trail heads to stop at – we picked one and finished with the amount of daylight left. IT. WAS. MAGICAL. Honestly!!!

Post session, as were driving back we hit a mysterious object in the road. Thankfully we were OK, but it caused some concern. Then once we were back in Phoenix, we saw the “mysterious” object lots of folks on the west coast saw. AKA that rocket launch!! So from snowfall to rockets in the sky, I’ll be filing this session under the most adventurous file! Also, one of the most beautiful sessions too!!


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