Caroline + Nik | Flagstaff Engagement

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I have wanted to share this Pine Canyon engagement session in Flagstaff from the moment I uploaded the photos onto my computer!! Caroline and Nik are just the cutest! As I was taking these photos, I could barely contain my excitement. Between their natural giggles, and how every so often Nik would just spin Caroline around – the two of them made my heart sing, and my job extremely easy!

BUT Caroline and her GLORIOUS hair!! I just can not! She is like a fall Yankee candle, if that candle were a gorgeous human. Editing these photos all kinds of hair commercial tag lines kept running through my head, but with my own personal spin. Example: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe Caroline owns the entire season of fall.

She really should seriously consider sponsoring the entire season!! Tell me I’m wrong!?!? Because, I am not. FACTS!Β πŸ˜πŸ‚

Not only did these two completely slay their engagement session, but Pine Canyon is a special place to them. Being comfortable, and having ties to this stunning location made the day even more perfect!!

Scroll to the bottom cause there are pups!🐢😍


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