Your Guide to the Perfect Engagement Session – For Couples

Engagement Sessions! The exciting first step in your wedding photo experience, and for me the perfect way to get to know one another more before your big day. Because let’s face it, your wedding day isn’t a sprint, it’s an all day marathon and we will be there for most of it. So, let’s be friends!! đŸ™‚

Engagement sessions can sometimes be this grey area to couples. What are they? I mean, you’re already engaged! What is expected? What to wear? How soon should you schedule, etc?!

We get it! In a world of social media perfection, and constant Pinterest inspo – the last thing we want to do is overwhelm you! Which is the exact reason we have created a guide to help answer some of the most common questions we encounter. To help you approach your engagement session with calm and confidence.

For a long time now, I have offered an Engagement session guide to just my clients. Oh, and I still will and it will be even more special for clients. But as time has passed, I have decided not to keep all the secrets to myself. Rather, anyone who is interested on some insight prior to any experience with me.

Couple of things to know first – There is no right way to approach your engagement session. While I give suggestions based on my experiences, it does not make me the expert on what sparks joy for you! So, always remember regardless of what I say in this blog I want you to do you boo!
Let’s dive right in then, shall we?!



Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona

First of all, we love to travel! Let’s get that out there right away! We live in Arizona, and there is much to explore out here. We are located in Northern Phoenix so any engagements in Sedona, Flagstaff, Payson, Prescott or anywhere near/around those areas is 100% covered, and included in our wedding packages.

We think that exploring with the one you love, while I simply observe is always the way to go. It relaxes our couples when they get to explore together, and we pretty much ALWAYS leave with a fun story about the experience. PS don’t worry, I do a lot more than, “simply observe”.

Horseshoe Bend, Paige AZ

If you are wanting to go further than Northern Arizona, don’t let the distance deter you – let us know your ideas, we are always open for new locations. We do charge for travel past a certain point, but we can always work out something if it is still within driving distance. We have many clients that live in California, or want to head up to Horseshoe Bend. Again, we are all for it! And the pictures are ALWAYS worth it!

Venice Beach, CA

Of course if you are wanting something a little more local we have you covered there too! There are so many picturesque locations that are great for couples who are traveling in town for their session, or simply don’t want to spend the entire day out for their session.

You may have noticed that we are frequently in Chicago too! That is no accident! We are Chicago natives, and are fortunate enough to keep our market open to the area. Thankfully, the wedding seasons are at opposite times of the year than Phoenix too. We don’t only shoot weddings out there, we will come out for engagement sessions too! If you’re interested in a Chicago session, please reach out. We can usually coordinate a time that we are already out there to meet, or make a special trip just for you too!

Lincoln Park, Chicago

Since we are from Chicago, the only travel we charge is flight!


Now onto the nitty gritty. What we are all thinking about the moment we book that session. WHAT TO WEAR?!

Have you thought about rocking a sequined gown, tulle skirt or flower crown?! This is your chance to DO THAT!!
There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to your engagement session. Don’t let this be a thing that stresses you out!
Have fun with it!

We allow for one wardobe change, so many couples choose to have one WOW dress and one outfit more to the couples style. Sometimes, this is another dress, sometimes it’s jeans. We recomend staying away from shorts. Remeber though – you DON’T have to bring a change of clothes. So don’t stress out! Also, remember, if YOU want to bring shorts for your second outfit – DO YOU!

Pairing an accessory or two with your outfit can really bring some extra dimension to your outfit. Think statement necklace, belts, bracelets, earrings, jacket or cardigan – all of which bring visual intrest and a fun pop to your photos. Other fun accesories like a small bouquet, or a floral crown are also fun prcatice (and look amazing in photos) for your big day!

Hair + Makeup

Consider investing in hair & makeup for your engagement session. Many brides use this opportunity to give the hair & makeup artists they’ve hired for the wedding a trial run. If you don’t know of any good hair & makeup artists or would like help finding some­one, let us know! We have worked with some amazing talent and would love to refer someone from our team of friendors!


Dapper and debonair never go out of style!! Men look amazing in a well tailored suit, but if you don’t own one don’t fret! There are some amazing rental companies out there, like Solid shades of gray or navy are not only in style, but they compliment most women’s outfits – whereas pinstripes or plaid patterns tend to distract the eye.

If you feel like you’re not the suit type, that’s OK too! Aim for long pants, and a nice button down. Think business casual. Long pants & closed toed shoes draw attention away from the legs and feet and place it where you want it – that face you fell in love with.
Men love details too! Ties, bowties, cool socks, and belts are all fun ways to add visual interest while not taking away from the woman. You could even change out accesories to match your lady’s dresses!


You are both going to ROCK your session, wherever we decide to have it! We are going to work to make you both feel comfortable while capturing the best version of yourselves.

Somethings to consider:

  • Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months before your wedding
  • Turn around time to deliver your engagement session images is 1-2 weeks
  • Even if you don’t know where you would like your engagement session, please make sure to get a date booked. We will have time to search locations!
  • While it doesn’t often rain in Arizona, if there is a high percent (60% or higher) chance of rain we will probably want to reschedule. However, we are also aware that when the weather does predict rain it can still be wrong and clear up. So we will keep in touch in these cases. *this also applies to any state*

AFTER YOUR SESSION – Plan a dinner date! You’re already dress up + you deserve it!

I hope you enjoyed some of our insight on how to best approach your engagement session! We can’t wait to work with you!


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