Serena + Ryan | McDowell Mountain Elopement | Quarantine Style

Serena and Ryan’s McDowell Mountain Elopement has marked the very last wedding we have done this year – so far. That was in March!! Hopefully it won’t be the last for 2020, but only time will tell.

I haven’t posted much since then, really on any of our social media outlets. Mostly because the world is going through such a big and very important shift, that to me, it didn’t feel like the time to share wedding photos.

Don’t get me wrong, I will, and I obviously am right now. Because at the end of the day, weddings make me so damn happy! I love being a part of them. I love the connections they create, and the long lasting memories that come from them. Not just in regards to photos.

Weddings are not just a societal next step that couples take, they are mile stones. Moments in time that your guests, and you will forever remember. The older we get, they become one of the few occasions where we see all of our families in one place, that is happy. They are large, and important and beautiful.

The last few months have humbled me beyond words. I have watched couple, after couple struggle to determine what their next moves are. As time passes, it almost becomes more complicated as a sort of hope exists around the idea of having the wedding you had originally planned. For many, they know that it’s a game of time and numbers at this point. Some are more optimistic than others, but still the fact remains.

We are living through a pandemic. What a crazy little sentence to type.

When lockdown first occurred, we scrambled with our couples to help as much as we could. I mean, I did not put my phone down for a solid week. One of our first couples to be affected was Serena and Ryan.

Their wedding was the following weekend. During the next 5 days they managed to throw together an elopement, and I was lucky enough to be included. I reached out to the amazing ladies at Bloom + Blueprint and made sure Serena had the bouquet she wanted.

Let me tell you, this day and this wedding was pure magic. It was raw, it wasn’t overly planned out. It was perfect.

Serena and Ryan, did end up postponing their celebrations with friends and family to this fall. But their desire to still be married was just beautiful, and from what I’ve noticed, a trend among many couples who’ve had to postpone their wedding. That is beautiful!!

While this has been a crazy experience, as far as being a part of the wedding industry, it really has forced many of us to get creative and truly tap into our skills. For that I am thankful.

Thanks for getting this far! It might be awhile until I am blogging again. Til then be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and never forget Black Lives Matter! ❤️


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