Love at Sunrise // Watson Lake

I am pretty sure sunrise sessions are my new favorite thing. So much so, I’m considering offering them at a discounted rate. I’ve never been a morning person, BUT I’ve always been an incentive person. If there is an opportunity to do something super early, with the chance that I can then go home and nap, before my husband goes off to work – it’s an obvious win! Aside from the sheer lazy side of me speaking, the morning sun is unlike anything I’ve ever photographed! I mean, I’m addicted to it! The variation that an entire session offers, is just breathe taking.

Now that my emotions about sunrise sessions are all out there, I’d like to talk about this LOCATION! I know many locals have found themselves at Watson Lake for some reason or another, but I’m from the  midwest, and this is all new and spectacular to me. Especially at sunrise! (cough, cough)

The fact that I had the opportunity to explore this place was obviously an opportunity I’m ecstatic about. The fact that I got to do it with a supremely sweet, and genuine couple made it even better! It takes a special person, or people in this case, for me to agree to be in the same vehicle for more than an hour’s drive ???? But seriously, that’s not something you can do with just anyone! I mean, that is a lot of talking haha!

I met Bernadette a few months back for a shoot we just worked on together in March (check it out). She is the owner at Desert Whim, just the most amazing event design company ever! Anyway it’s been love ever since! ❤️ So I knew her hubby, Thomas would be just as fun and amazing.
This session is seriously one of my all time favorites. From the beauty that IS this couple, to the location, and the good vibes you can feel through the photos, I just can not get enough!

  1. Lisa Villella says:

    Beautiful photos and I’m super impressed with her wearing those heals while scaling rocks! Love it!!

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